6 Reasons why LEDs are the Best Home Purchase you Can Make this Year – Part I

With incandescent light bulbs phased out and fluorescent tubes and lamps getting mixed reviews, LED light bulbs are now widely considered as the best lighting solution on the market.

However, they come with a catch. They’re still not as cheap as conventional bulbs. And it’s why people have yet to jump on the LED bandwagon completely. However, that’s slowly changing as lighting companies continue to improve their product lines.

But in case you needed more convincing, here are 6 reasons why you SHOULD make the switch now. 

1. Long Lifespan LEDs are incredibly long-lived, boasting of life spans of up to 50,000 hours before they completely burn out. However, it should be noted that the actual usable lifespan of an LED is less than half of that number. This is because LEDs begin to dim after 15,000 to 20,000 hours—beyond that, you’re not getting the full brightness of the device. 

2. Colour Variety Unlike incandescent bulbs, that come in a limited range of colours (and only because of coatings on the bulb), LEDs are able to produce a wide range of coloured lighting. Moreover, because the coloured light of an LED is produced on a narrower wavelength, the colour the is much richer, and more consistent. This opens up endless possibilities as far as creating unique lighting effects go. 

3. Zero UV and IR Light LED light bulbs do not generate any ultraviolet or infrared light in their spectrum. This is crucial if you’re illuminating delicate objects, such as art, which suffer damage from consistent exposure to UV light. Watch out for Part II of this article series. While you’re at it, you can read more on the advantages of LED lighting on this article. You can also get in touch with the LiquidLEDs support team.


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