4 Modern Features That Makes LED Light Bulbs Awesome

These days, light bulbs have become more than just a piece of glass that lights up. This light source has become more and more high-tech, with features you wouldn’t even expect to see from something that we use to light up our homes. Modern light bulbs, like LEDs, are becoming more power friendly and versatile, especially when it comes to home management and entertainment. Smart LEDs come with features you won't believe are available in light bulbs.

Here are some features found in most new light bulbs that you might want to check out.

Mobile Connectivity

Connect your phone to your lights for easy control and management. Many modern light bulb manufacturers, such as the ones that make a number of LED light bulb products, have integrated wireless connection technology to the bulbs. You can download an app that will let you control every aspect of the bulb and even set timers for it.

All That Colour                         

No more having to change light bulbs if you want to give your space some colour. these days, Smart LED bulbs will let you change their colours through the app. it's a great feature, especially if you're planning to place your LEDs outside or integrate them into your entertainment system.

Light and Sound

Youcan find a bulb that comes with a built-in speaker. Thanks to Bluetooth and WiFi technology, you can easily connect your mobile devices to these bulbs and play music or sound through it. This bulb is a good idea to use for your entertainment area when you’d want some music playing or to give the whole space surround sound when watching a movie.

 “Natural” Light

Most light bulb manufacturers aim to create a bulb that mimics or at least tries to get as close as the quality of natural sun light. Sun light is the best type of light around since it can let you see the “real” or the most “natural” colours around you. Sun light also has an effect on us in that it can change how our natural body clocks function. there are a few bulbs in the market that come pretty close to sun light, so try a few of them out to see which one suits you best. 

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