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A huge chunk of the power we use at home is for lighting. Every room in our homes has a light bulb or some kind of light source that consumes power. Most of the time, we often underestimate the amount of power these use up, and that there are actually a few things that we can do to help cut back power consumption.

Below are a few ways to help you cut back on your electricity consumption with your home’s lighting system.

Invest in LED Lights

These days, you can find energy-efficient bulbs that use the fraction of the power older bulbs to produce the same light. LED lights are the best bulbs to get in the market since they use the least amount of power, last the longest, and don’t contain any harsh or toxic chemicals. They do cost a bit more than other bulbs, but they’re a worth it investment since you get to save a lot on your power bill

Install Dimmers

These little knobs help control the brightness of a light bulb. This does reduce the overall amount of power being used and therefore you could call them more efficient. You can get these in most hardware or home improvement stores and they don’t cost a lot. Dimmers are ideal if you don’t want to change your light bulbs that can be a bit too bright, especially LED light bulbs.

Hook Up Sensors

For areas in the house like hallways, driveways, the garage, or any other place that usually doesn’t have a lot of activity but need some kind of light source, a sensor can help minimise power use. These turn the light on only when the sensor is triggered and turns it off automatically after a span of time. A lot of power gets wasted on bulbs that are kept on when they’re not being used, so hook up a sensor so the bulb will only turn on when it's needed.

Consider Getting Solar Panels

If it's usually always sunny where you live, solar panels can help let you drastically save on electricity. it's free, reusable, and clean energy, so you're not only saving money, you're also minimising your carbon footprint. There are hundreds of companies that offer solar home lighting systems for reasonable prices. try going online to find companies near you.

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