4 Creative Ideas for Outdoor LED Lights

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LEDs are starting to dominate the light bulb industry because of the efficiency and high light quality. These bulbs have actually been around for some time and originated as light indicators in many electronics and appliances. they only became popular as light bulbs a little over a decade ago.  They’re environmentally friendly, use less power compared to most bulbs in the market, and they last much longer than conventional bulbs. They have features which make them an ideal bulb to use for outdoor lighting.

Here are a few ideas on how to use LED light for your outdoor space.

Drape or hang them on a tree

If you have a big old tree in your backyard, this is the perfect spot for you to place some LED light bulbs. Make your tree look like it came from an enchanted forest by hanging some small bulbs from the branches or drape some LED holiday lights on it to make it look like a glowing willow tree.

String them Up

You can string up a bunch of LED lights and hang them from one end of the area to another. Use a pole to support the bulbs so they don’t swing down too low. This gives you a beautiful “street light” effect. Think of those brightly decorated Mexican streets during a fiesta or a festival. Use bulbs that are warm and have a lower lumen count since they can get too bright if you place a number of them together. An alternative is to use LED fairy lights or holiday lights and run them across space instead of against the walls.

Add Color

The great thing about LED lights is that you can get them in almost any colour these days. Some bulbs can even change colours and you can set a pattern for them. Coloured bulbs can turn a dull outdoor space into a party area in a matter of seconds. These lights not only brighten up space, but they set the mood and can even be an interesting conversation starter.

Place them on the ground

you can find outdoor LED lights that you can simply stick in the ground. these make great guide lights or place these behind or in-between shrubs and bushes to give them a nice bright glow. these often come in protective casings so you don't have to worry about getting them wet and damaging them. 


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