Sydney had installed around 4000 LED around the city’s street and they’ve been preforming very well. In fact, the city estimates a savings of $370,000 just by switching. 

LED lights are great. They’re more energy efficient than incandescent, they provide better quality light than sodium and tungsten lamps and they’re less prone to failure than fluorescent. (Although Hollywood movies will never look the same.) The City Of Sydney has installed over 4000 LED globes in city street lights so far, and the results speak for themselves. Those 4100 LED lights installed since March of 2012 have lowered the city’s energy costs by more than a third; since public lighting itself accounts for more than a third of the entire energy bill that’s a pretty significant dollar saving. $370,000 has been saved thanks to the switch over to LED lights, which consume a fraction of the power of alternatives and have a much longer lifespan, massively reducing overheads for replacement globes and maintenance work. 

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