3 Ways to Make your Dinner Party feel More Relaxed Using Lighting

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When you throw a simple weeknight dinner and slave over a home-made meal, you’d want your guest to feel relaxed and enjoy the event. We can make our dining room feel like a fancy restaurant using the right light and decorations. The lighting plays an important role in making space feel more comfortable, as well as making a simple meal look more appetising.

Here are a few ways on how you can use light to give your dining room or entertainment space a more laid-back feel.

Set the Mood

For your simple weeknight meal, you'd want to make your dining area well-lit, but not too bright. the lighting should be soft, something that's not going to cause any glair or make them feel like their sitting under industrial lighting. Turn some of the lights around the area to give it a dimmer look. light some candles or use those battery powered ones if you don't want to be bothered with checking candles every now and then to avoid a fire hazard.

Place Lights on the Table

Add a few lights to accessorise your table. Be creative. Use battery powered lights that can add a nice glow to your setup. If you’re having a party and want to display the food buffet style, placing lights on the table lets you highlight it, and will even make the food look even scrumptious. You can use anything from small, battery powered LEDs to your old holiday lights.

Warm It Up

A plate of hot food is appetising enough, but this tip actually refers to the tone of the bulb you’re using in your dining room. When buying a light bulb, you can ether get a warm or a cool toned one. Warm toned bulbs give off this wonderful yellowish light which gives the space a more relaxed feel and is known to make things look better (especially in photos). LED bulbs have a wonderful warm toned light that’s perfect for this job. 

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