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One of the biggest concerns about moving away for college and living by yourself is that you often end up in a dorm room or apartment that you can’t even renovate. Most of the time, you’re such with a small dorm room that's dim and gloomy, making you feel down and even homesick.  You’d want a room where you'd actually want to relax and study in. A place where you can read your books and do homework without feeling like you're in a cave.  

Since you're not allowed to renovate and you probably don't even have money to get one of those big rooms or apartment, you might think that you'll just have to deal with your gloomy little room. however, there are some little changes that you can do that will make big changes. By simply changing The of light in your room, it can uplift your mood and make you feel active. Here are a few tips on how you can make your room brighter without taking down a wall.

Install an LED light

Request to have LED light bulbs in your room or replace the existing ones yourself. These bulbs are noticeable brighter compared to other bulbs, which can affect your performance and attention and help you become less sluggish when you’re studying.

Buy a desk lamp

if your room only have one light source, get a desk lamp to help add to the brightness. You don’t have to spend much. Try checking the thrift shop or a flea market for a good lamp that suits your style. Install a new LED bulb and you’re good to go.

Open the Window

It’s amazing how brighter a space can look when you open a window. It lets the sun and fresh air in which revitalizes the space. Being exposed to sunlight also has a psychological effect on us and it actually makes us feel more active.  So tie up those curtains and open the shutters. This also helps you do your share of saving energy since sunlight is free.

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