Club Lighting tips

Club owners know that their business is all about entertaining, so they have to create a mood that’s fun and energetic. Music is one of the most important components in a club, but lighting can really make the place look amazing. There are a number of different types of lights to choose from when you’re looking form club lighting, so it’s good to know your choices. Here are some of the lights every club should have. 

Main Lights Clubs are dark, but you don’t want them to be pitch dark. There needs to be a fair amount of lighting inside so people can still see. Besides, you didn’t spend a lot of money on an interior designer and not let people appreciate how the inside of the club looks. Place some lights on areas that you want to highlight like a piece of art or even the areas where the VIP tables are. You can even use a light as a room’s highlight such as an interesting light fixture or a chandelier with little LED light bulbs. 

Bar Lights You’ll want to make the bar well-lit so people will know where it is. It’s also really difficult to read the bar menu if it’s dim. Place a few LED bulbs on the bar to really make it stand out from the club. A creative way to showcase your menu and drinks list is by placing them on a blacklight board that makes the writing glow. 

Exit and Walkway Lights For safety, it’s vital that the exits and walkways have enough lighting so people can make their way out of the club in case something happens. It’s also a good idea to place guide lights along these areas and make sure that stairs have indicators or are very visible to avoid any accidents. Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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