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Needless to say, Liquidleds is not the only company pushing for LED-based lighting systems to replace incandescent light bulbs and CFLs. Other lighting companies have also made similar efforts by developing new lighting products which are more energy-efficient and greener. With the help of retailers who work towards convincing the market to try out new lighting alternatives, real change is more than imminent. 

Thrifty-Link Hardware Store, an independently owned hardware store under the Thrifty-Link Hardware umbrella, is one such company that's committed to helping their customers learn more about LEDs and other energy-efficient lighting solutions. With its Mighty Helpful Thrifty-Link initiative, the hardware store is dedicated to making the customer shopping experience easier and better, through superb customer service and availability of items. Weils Hardware prides itself for having people who have real knowledge about home improvement and hardware.

The store's staff offers only the most practical and realistic advice and can determine which items or products best suit an individual, based on his, or her, needs and budget. Aside from helping save customers' time and money, Weils also goes an extra mile by providing after sales support after a purchase has been made. Just like any other Thrifty-Link  Store, the Weils branch is also committed to offering only the best products, matching them with the specific needs of customers. And in the event that a product isn't in stock, Weils Hardware will be more than happy to recommend another similar item or order it for you.

Aside from promoting energy-efficient lighting alternatives, Weils Hardware also supports charities and causes that are vital to the welfare of the community it serves. These include Starlight Children's Foundation, Random Acts of Kindness, The Alfred Father's Day Appeal and more. The company is also willing to support additional charities all they need are suggestions and ideas.

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