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We have given you the Classics. Now, we give you LiquidLEDs’ Vintage Collection of LED filament light bulbs.

How does the Vintage range differ from previous collections? It’s all in the filaments. Look at how the LED lighting filaments have evolved from its futuristic beginnings in the Original range (looking like something out of Stargate) to the retro looks of the Vintage Range – a look people have been used to since Thomas Edison produced the first commercially viable light bulb.

As you can see, the LED lighting elements changed from rigid widely-spaced elements to straight, denser, more compactly arranged filaments to today’s flexible new curved soft filaments of the Vintage range. This has made LiquidLEDs light bulbs more and more ‘natural’-looking – if light bulbs could be considered as such. And, as the filaments evolved, so did the light quality and beam spread.

Now, not only are the light beams spreading out 360 degrees in all directions, the light quality has also been drastically improved. And the soft filaments has given lighting fixture designers newer options in creating lighting designs that go beyond the usual.

Made up of LEDs embedded in a soft proprietary polymer, the soft LED filament bulbs couldn’t have come in at a better time. Beginning 25 February this year, in order to close perceived loopholes in anti-incandescent laws, the EU has already reclassified decorative and carbon filament lamps (popular for achieving the vintage look in classy restaurants) into ‘general purpose’ – no longer falling under exempted incandescent lamps. And, as the market for decorative antique Edison light bulbs decreases even if these lamps are still exempt from incandescent lamp bans in other countries, manufacturers could stop producing them. This leaves soft filament LED lamps as the most viable alternative for retro lamps – lamps that have the Vintage look – without sacrificing efficiency and safety.

Take note that the LiquidLEDs Vintage Collection is designed to mimic old-time carbon or tungsten filament lamps and hence have lower brightness than other LED lamps. But that doesn’t mean all soft LED filament lamps are dimmer than ordinary. Other soft LED filament lamps can be as bright as the other LED light bulb ranges, but they won’t be in the Vintage range anymore. They will be included in other LED lamp ranges we will be offering in the near future, as we move away from rigid old LED filament technology. In the meantime, if you’re a homeowner or a designer looking for vintage-looking lightbulbs to lend a touch of old charm to any setting, look no further. The LiquidLEDs Vintage Collection will give you what you want – plus the assurance that LiquidLEDs lamps are energy efficient and safe, and that should brighten up your day.


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