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Sunlite Hardware

With governments around the world actively making efforts to phase out the old incandescent light bulb, a number of establishments have heeded the call for change by developing and offering energy-efficient lighting solutions to their customers. One such company is Liquidleds, a company that specializes in LED light bulbsglobes and tubes. Of course, we are by no means the only one in the business of LED lighting in Australia and New Zealand. There are others out there, some of whom are worth also checking out.

 Sunlite Hardware, although more known for having a wide variety of hardware and home improvement products, also has an extensive inventory of LED light bulbs and other LED products. Although Sunlite Hardware only has three chains, the branch in Bondi Junction is still one of the country's largest hardware shops. The shop prides itself for specializing in all things hardware and for delivering superb customer service a result of proper training which has lead to the business winning the highly coveted Australian Retailer Associations Small Business Employer of the Year' award. All of the Sunlite Hardware's four branches house a wide array of lighting products, from halogen lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, dichroic lamps, fluorescent lights and fittings, flashlights, LED lights and a whole lot more. Indeed, Sunlite Hardware deserves the title of lighting specialist you can be sure to find any type of light bulb, both old and new from the shop.

Sunlite Hardware is just one of the many retailers in the country who shares Liquidleds' goal of creating beautiful light that's great on the eyes, your electric bill and the environment. The only difference between the two companies is that Liquidleds specializes solely in the research and development of LED lights, while Sunlite intends to change the hardware industry with their offerings. For more information, visit Sunlite Hardware's website or click here for directions to get to their shop in Sydney.

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