Press Release: Unique Liquid Bulbs Provide Efficient Lighting Solution That's Easy on the Wallet and the Environment


A unique light bulb, now available in Australia, is putting LED technology on a whole new level, with better heat dissipation, efficient LED thermal management, enhanced energy-saving features and a longer lifespan.

LiquidLEDs Liquid LED Bulbs feature the exclusive Liquid Immersed Thermal Management Solution (LITMS) technology, a special liquid solution that vastly improves the quality of LEDs for lighting applications. Traditionally, LED lighting is quite directional, said Michael Moskvin, Managing Director of LiquidLEDs Lighting.

By utilising the LITMS technology, our liquid LED bulbs are capable of generating light in multi-directions. The liquid helps to disperse the light so it's cast around the room instead of just one direction. And these bulbs look like an old incandescent bulb instead of the rather unattractive tube shapes of other bulbs on the market. The 4W liquid LED bulbs replace the old 40W incandescent bulbs, use up to 90 per cent less energy and boast a lifespan of 30,000 hours, five times that of compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) bulbs.

Not only do the bulbs require changing much less often, but they provide significant savings on energy costs too. We have a LED Saving Calculator on our website, to enable people to compare the costs and energy consumption of using our bulbs with other bulbs currently on the market, said Michael. For example, a 40W bulb in six different lighting fixtures and left on for six hours a day will use 524.16 kWh and cost $115.32 per year in electricity costs. Replacing those bulbs with a LiquidLEDs 4W liquid LED bulb will use 52.42 kWh and reduce electricity costs to $11.53 per year. Essentially, the bulbs will pay for themselves within 18 months and you'll get approximately 10 years of use.

An extra benefit to using LiquidLEDs bulbs is that, unlike CFL bulbs, they are poison-free and contain no mercury, so they are safer to use in the home and do not create toxic waste in landfill when disposed of. The LiquidLEDs Liquid LED Collection is available for purchase on the website and through specialty lighting and interior design stores. RRP is $29.95 and all bulbs come with a 12 month warranty. Find out how much a LiquidLEDs bulb will save in energy costs by using the LED Saving Calculator on the website.

LiquidLEDs bulbs suit most light fittings with screw and bayonet style bases. With more than 60 products in the LiquidLEDs range, there's a bulb for every lighting solution. The full range of LiquidLEDs lighting products are available at or call 1800 744 706.  Join the LiquidLEDs community on Facebook at

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