LiquidLEDs Unveils Candle LED Light Bulbs


LED Lighting Specialist Reveals Light Bulb Range Designed to Replace Conventional Bulb. 

For years, incandescent light bulbs have always been the top choice for decorative lighting, due mainly to their attractive finish and eye-pleasing shape. Since its invention over 130 years ago, the classic light bulb has definitely come a long way, and is still used in many homes and offices around the world. But a new player in the lighting industry just may change all that.

LiquidLEDs Lighting Corp. recently unveiled its complete Candle range of LED light bulbs, a collection of solid-state lighting systems designed to replace the aging incandescent light bulb of Thomas Edison. With decorative lighting clearly in mind, LiquidLEDs has made use of the classic design of the incandescent light bulb, keeping its shape, finish, and to some extent, design, intact. As with all other bulbs under the LED Filament range, the company has taken all these elements and combined them with the very best of LED technology, resulting in a new light bulb that features an elegant combination of old world beauty, and futuristic innovations. LED light bulbs under the candle range come in three distinctive shapes, namely regular, twisted and flame tipped; and three elegant finishes, namely clear, opal and pearl. While the bulb shapes are mainly offered to provide aesthetic options to consumers, the finishes are designed to suit different lighting scenarios. Opal and pearl finishes for example, produce a warmer light compared to clear-finished bulbs, which produce a bright, sparkling light.

Aside from beauty and lighting quality, the new Candle range by LiquidLEDs comes with more amazing features. Each bulb under the range is highly efficient, using less than 10% of the energy used by its equivalent incandescent bulb. LiquidLEDs' Candle bulbs also boast of an extremely long lifespan, lasting up to 15,000 hours of continuous use. Even upon reaching its life expectancy, the bulb is still fully functional, albeit losing 50% of its original brightness. LiquidLEDs joins the handful of lighting companies making efforts to push LED lighting into mainstream acceptance. With consumers now having more choices than ever when it comes to energy efficient lighting, it's definitely an exciting time for those keeping a close eye on the industry.

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