LiquidLEDs Moved to a Better Website

LiquidLEDs has moved over to a new and better site. While we’re still putting the finishing touches to it, here are some exciting new features we know you're going to love:

Clean and mobile friendly

Veteran visitors would probably notice the most visible change is a shift in colour motif from cool blue to golden yellow. This signifies the strides and confidence LiquidLEDs Lighting have gained through the years. But, beyond just the symbolic change, the new site is also cleaner, uncluttered and faster-loading on mobile devices – which is where most of our visitors are at these days. In a way, our new site fully embraces our visitor base moving forward. The new responsive LiquidLEDs site design is also Retina™ display-ready, giving you crisp, clear images and text at any screen size.

Customer Convenience

Visual changes aside, our online shoppers would also love the improvements we implemented for processing their orders. We also have our Stockists section, where you can conveniently search for stores near you who are stocking LiquidLEDs products. You can even contact our resellers from this page.

Trade/Commercial Offerings

Whether you are looking to stock LiquidLEDs goods in your store, specify our product for a project or require customised product, we have you covered. The Trade section of the new LiquidLEDs site is where our resellers can login and get updated with the most recent news and pricing and adjust their offerings accordingly. If you are an architect or a designer selecting products to suit your projects, we can even customise them for you. No longer will you be limited to off-the-shelf finishing’s and etches. The Trade section is where you can stand out from the crowd. These are just some of the improvements to expect on the new site.

The LiquidLEDs Lighting you have grown to love may be getting bigger and better but be assured of our commitment to innovation and personalised customer support.

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