LiquidLEDs Launches Unique Silver Crown LED Light Inspired by Incandescent Bulb

LiquidLEDs Offers Silver Crown LED, Touted to be the Only One of its Kind on the Market

LiquidLEDs Lighting Corp., a leading manufacturer, and distributor of light-emitting diode (LED) lighting devices in Australia and New Zealand, now offers a unique Silver Crown LED lamp the company claims is the only LED lighting product of its kind designed to look exactly like an incandescent light bulb. Designed primarily for decorative and general-purpose lighting, the 5-Watt Silver Crown LED Light Bulb by LiquidLEDs is a replacement to 40-watt incandescent light bulbs, offering up to 90 percent in energy savings. The LiquidLEDs Silver Crown LED demonstrates a high-quality glow and excellent colour rendering, with the company going to great lengths to ensure the LED lamp generates no glare.

Going by looks alone, the 5-watt Silver Crown LED by LiquidLEDs can be difficult to distinguish from other incandescent bulbs. LiquidLEDs has intentionally created this effect, with the goal of appealing to consumers, who are wary of the futuristic and odd shapes and designs of any LED lighting products on the market. The Silver Crown LED is recommended for use as a feature light in retail, hospitality and hme lighting. Besides looks, the 5-watt Silver Crown LED bulb works just like any incandescent light bulb, being compatible with both E27/Edison Screw and B22/Bayonet Cap base configurations. The 5-Watt Silver Crown LED Light Bulb byLiquidLEDs also boasts of other features, which include an average rated lifespan of more than 15,000 hours, dimming compatibility, zero presence of mercury, as well as zero UV and IR emissions. 

About LiquidLEDs: LiquidLEDs Lighting Corp. is a company with a speciality in the research and development of cutting-edge LED lighting systems, particularly light bulbs, designed to replace inefficient incandescent light bulbs and hazardous compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). The company’s Australian division distributes LED lighting products in Australia and New Zealand. Founded in 2006, with their headquarters in Taiwan, LiquidLEDs has grown to become a leading innovator and pioneer in the field of LED lighting, introducing new features and manufacturing techniques that set their products apart from others.

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