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Herkes Professional Lighting

Many companies in Australia and around the world share Liquidleds' vision of promoting energy-efficient lighting solutions for the betterment of our homes and the environment. With energy costs steadily increasing, now is the perfect time to reduce our consumption of oil and electricity one of the best and easiest ways to do it is to switch all of our old lights to better alternatives that save more energy.

We may specialize in the research and development of LED lighting products, but their our would go to waste if we didn't have a retailer who shares our vision and help us distribute them. We are proud to announce that Herkes Professional Lighting in Sydney has answered our call.  With over 20 years of experience serving customers in Sydney, Herkes Professional Lighting is one of the country's most trusted retailers of lights and other lighting solutions. The company's reputation is so great that many of Australia's biggest hotels look to Herkes for their lighting needs. Established in 1989, Herkes Professional Lighting also specializes in providing their wide range of lighting products to the local film, entertainment and theatre industries.

These industries are where Herkes made a name for itself by meeting the diverse lighting demands of film and entertainment sets and crews. As times change and new energy standards are put in place, Herkes chooses to join the march of progress by offering energy-efficient lighting products such as LEDs. Although the lighting alternative is still far from perfect, Herkes has already made steps to make these products available to their clients a risky move, considering the specific demands of film and entertainment industries when it comes to light quality and strength but definitely a step forward to the future of lighting and one expected from a reputable lighting provider. Welcome to the LiquidLeds family Herkes! Together we shall Save Eyes, Save Pocket, Save Earth! For more 

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