Hatimi Marketplace Hardware - Lighting the Way towards a Brighter Future in Lighting


Thanks to the efforts of companies like Liquidleds, the path towards a brighter, more energy-efficient future is now easier than ever. Of course, that's not to say that we are the sole catalyst for the shift towards low energy lights such as LEDs. Other manufacturers are also making similar efforts, releasing their own versions of the LED light bulb to customers who are now more conscious about their energy consumption. 

While governments around the world have also done their part by passing new energy standards for light bulbs, it is still largely up to retailers to offer energy saving light bulbs to consumers. It also takes much more than just offering these products to the public; dissemination of correct information must also be done if a shift is to happen in the shortest time possible. 

Hatimi Marketplace Hardware, a chain of Thrifty Link hardware in the Leichhardt area for more than 2 decades, is one such retailer of energy-efficient lighting alternatives in New South Wales. The store is a family owned establishment, owned and operated by individuals who are dedicated to providing great advice gleaned from years of experience in the industry. 

Hatimi Marketplace's atmosphere is regarded by many to be very neighbourhood-like, which can also be attributed to the company's desire to spread information on good products. The company is also active in promoting the benefits of LED light bulbs to its customers. Aside from carrying an extensive range of lighting products and systems, the staffs at Hatimi Marketplace Hardware are also great at giving advice to customers on the pros and cons of specific items, allowing them to make informed decisions they won't regret. For the casual shopper, this can mean a lot.

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