Booth & Taylor Hardware - Working to Promote New and Better Lighting Systems

Although the technology is relatively new, the race is indeed on to produce the most advanced and most energy-efficient LED light bulb. With companies like Liquidleds actively making efforts to develop new LED-based lighting solutions, it seems the future is literally bright thanks to LED technology. However, research and development on new lighting solutions is just one-half of the solution to our society's increasing energy consumption. The battle is also fought in retailers and dealers who are in the best position to convince consumers to try our LED lights. 

One such company in Australia that's offering LED lighting solutions to the public is Booth & Taylor Hardware, an established hardware store in Annandale. The company prides itself for being run by professionals and only the most experienced and skilled personnel in the business, ensuring that customers get the best shopping experience ever by making informed decisions on which products to buy. With over 100 years of experience in trading and hardware, Booth & Taylor Hardware is more than willing to pass on their known and expertise to their customers looking to make the most out of their hard earned money.

The company's pushing of LED light bulbs is a fine example of this. Whether it's building a home from scratch or renovating it, tiling fixing your plumbing, setting up your electrical system, painting and decorating your house, gardening, concreting or overhauling your entire lighting system, you can trust Booth & Taylor Hardware to be more than willing to work on the job. No job is too small or too big for the company you're more than welcome to drop by. With Booth & Taylor actively promoting LED lights, it seems that the shift towards more energy efficient lighting will be an easier battle.


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