What is Prepaid Recycling?

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Lamp and ballast recycling is becoming common as more and more business establishments and individuals are becoming aware of the implications of toxic wastes to the environment. Throwing lamps, bulbs, ballasts and other light products are actually very harmful to the environment. It is not enough that these types of wastes are thrown in the landfills or dumpsites. Lamps like fluorescent lamps contain mercury which can seep into the ground which will eventually find its way into the ocean. Governments are taking note of this and are in the process of requiring mandatory recycling of lamps and ballasts. Currently, many world governments are fining businesses if they fail to recycling lamp and lamp products. Very soon, even home owners will be fined for discarding spent or used lamps.

Prepaid Recycling

Currently, there are only a few recycling centers that handle lamp and ballast recycling. Since these facilities may be miles away from one's home, there are several private companies who have stepped up to fill the gap by offering prepaid recycling services. Prepaid recycling services provide specially designed protective containers that will allow facilities or business establishments to mail their spent lamps to the recycling centers.

How Prepaid Recycling Works

Prepaid recycling follows a simple system. The customer will buy specially designed containers from a prepaid recycling company. The company will then directly mail the special containers to one’s home, facility or business establishment. The customer will place the spent lamps inside the container and fill out details like a return shipping address. The customer is expected to follow labeling instructions to notify the courier company of the container’s possibly harmful contents. Once labeling is done, all one needs to do is to call the courier company. The courier company will pick up the prepaid containers and ship it to the nearest recycling center.

Prepaid recycling accepts not just spent or used fluorescent lamps and ballasts but also used batteries. Electronic products can also be shipped to designated recycling centers. In general, those products which are non-biodegradable and toxic (containing mercury and other harmful chemicals) can be shipped directly to the recycling centers. For those business owners who like to ship in bulk, bigger prepaid containers can also be used.

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