The Basics on LED Bulbs

LED Lighting

Light emitting diodes or LED lights are ubiquitous. They are being used in computer monitors, TV screens, headlights and even house lights. The most common uses for LED lights are in the home. LED lights are said to be more economical and more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs and even fluorescent bulbs. But just like any new product or innovation there will be certain pros and cons. When choosing LED bulbs the price, quality and longevity must be taken into consideration.

Components of LED Bulbs

A LED bulb has the following components: a LED chip, a power and heat management unit and a lens. A LED chip is the component that produces light. The chip quality is very important and could spell the difference between a bright LED light and a dim LED light. A cheap LED light also doesn't produce good color quality unlike the high-end LED chips. The LED chip arrangement can also determine the light output. A good quality LED bulb will use high end LED chips and well-arranged LED chips.

The power management component of the LED bulb is where the electricity crosses over from the power source to the chip. It is important that this component of the LED bulb be of superior quality because if it is not, it may fry or damage the LED chip.

The heat management component or heat sink functions to reduce the heat that goes to the LED chip. The heat sink's design can affect the performance of the LED chip. For the LED chip to last longer, it is absolutely necessary to choose a well designed heat sink using only quality materials. What is not found in most light bulbs or lighting products is the lens. The lens focuses the light that the LED chip emits because LED chips produces scattered type of light. It is only the lens that somehow focuses the light.

Difference between High Quality LED bulbs and low quality LED Bulbs

There is a world of difference between a high quality LED bulb and a low quality LED bulb. Many consumers believe that cheaper LED lights result in savings. But if you think about the long-term, high-end LED bulbs lasts longer and produces better quality light compared to low-end LED bulbs.When choosing LED bulbs make sure to look at each individual component. Look at the quality of LED chip, the LED lens, the power and the heat management systems. Cheap LED bulbs are ill-designed and produce a dimmer light compared to LED bulbs that uses high quality LED components. Watch out for LED bulbs that scrimp on LED components and substitute cheap materials for high-quality materials, they may be cheaper but they don't last long compared to high-quality LED bulbs.

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