Safety Coated Light Bulbs

Light Bulb Types


Safety coated light bulbs are made with the sole purpose of preventing injury as well as contamination that would come from the fragments of glass should it be broken. From the name itself, these bulbs are coated with a substance that prevents broken pieces of from falling should they be shattered or broken. These bulbs can come in wide array of sizes, base types, voltages and wattages.

Manner of Operation

Safety coated light bulbs operate in the same way as their non-coated cousins. The only difference between them is that they're coated with a layer of Telfon. Telfon is resistant to punctures and is made to contain the shards of glass or other objects if the bulb should break.


Safety coated light bulbs are ideal for a number for a number of applications where it is important to contain any potential broken fragments of glass. Usually, these bulbs are used in areas where there is a high chance of breakage like gymnasiums and storage closets. In addition, these bulbs are also used in places where food is prepared or stored.

Many coated bulbs actually produce a faint trace of gas from its coating when it is burnt, which is a great way of notifying you when you need to change your bulbs. However, this gas is particularly fatal to birds and other animals. The fatal attribute of the gas produced is the main concern for most people as these light bulbs are typically used near animals. With that said, if you're planning to purchase these kind of bulbs, please do not forget to heed product warnings so that you can make sure that your bulb is safe to use around birds or any other animals before installation.

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