Rough Service Bulbs

Light Bulb Types


Rough service light bulbs are made with the sole purpose of resisting damage from any external stressors such as vibrations and the like. For a normal light bulb, these external stressors can effectively damage filaments and cause failure sooner than expected. Like most light bulbs on the market, these bulbs can come in a variety of finishes and wattages. The 60-watt version of this light bulb is ideal for general usage while the 100-watt version offers higher light output and is ideal for commercial usage. They are widely renowned for their exceptional durability as well as their long rated life compared to normal incandescent light bulbs.

Manner of Operation

Rough service light bulbs are nothing more but incandescent light bulbs that have extended life spans due to their durability, thus making them function in the same way. However, rough service light bulbs have an additional wire within them that effectively serves to support and protect the filaments within the glass enclosure.


Rough service light bulbs are mainly used in areas where shocks, vibration, or bumps are normally experienced on a day-to-day basis. These areas include garage doors, lamps that are near doors, lamps that are near machines, or just about any area where failure due to damage from shocks is a big issue. Typically, these bulbs are used in warehouse bays because trucks come and go every day, with the doors getting a lot of punishment from vibrations and shocks. Since the doors are abused, so too are the bulbs near them. Power plants also incorporate these bulbs as they have properties that can stop the ignition of surrounding flammable gases should the bulb shatter from the inside.

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