How To Deal With Broken Fluorescent Lamps

When your fluorescent lamp breaks, it is imperative that you follow certain precautions to avoid mercury poisoning. Fluorescent tube lights, CFLs and HID lamps contain mercury in the form of mercury vapor. When one breaks the lamp, the mercury vapor is released into the air. The gas is toxic in large doses and in repeated exposure. Once a bulb is broken, it must be properly disposed of and shipped to a recycling center to avoid further contamination. A broken fluorescent lamp will continue to release mercury into the air unless it is physically removed from the site.

Proper clean up must be done to ensure that no trace of mercury will remain. If the site of lamp breakage is inside the house, ensure that the gas is dissipated by opening any doors or windows. Use rubber gloves to handle the broken materials. Wipe the area clean then store the broken fragments in an air-tight container.

Where To Send Broken Fluorescent Lamps

One should not dump a broken fluorescent lamp just anywhere. These types of waste products are no longer allowed to be dumped in landfills or dumpsites. There are designated recycling centers that can process broken fluorescent lamps. One option is to drop the sealed container directly to the recycling center. Another option is to buy prepaid recycling containers.

Prepaid recycling containers, allow one to safely store and ship the broken fluorescent lamps directly to the recycling facility. Prepaid recycling containers are also intended for unbroken fluorescent lamps, batteries, ballasts and other toxic waste materials like electronic waste.

How Prepaid Recycling Works

Prepaid recycling is rather easy. One just needs to select a container where the broken or used lamp will be stored. The container will arrive in the mail. The container will then be shipped to a recycling center. There are several types of containers depending on the type one needs. These prepaid recycling containers can be bought online or through phone order.

Prepaid Recycling Precautions

Each type of container will only be used to store a particular size or length of lamps. Do not mix different lamp types. There are separate containers for different lamp types. Make sure to keep the container indoors to avoid being exposed to the elements like rain and direct sunlight. The shipping label must not be altered in any way. The package contains instructions. Make sure to following the packing instructions properly.

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