Meat & Produce Bulbs

Light Bulb Types


As their name suggests, meat & produce bulbs are specifically designed to help preserve the quality of fruits, vegetable and meats. In addition, by reducing the UV emissions and the heat produced in the lighting process, these lamps can also enhance the appearance of most meats and produce. These specialized bulbs can come in many different sizes, voltages, base types and wattages. They are well renowned for their ability to slow down the decomposition rate and discoloration of the meats and produce exposed to their light.

Manner of Operation

The UV emissions and heat generated from regular fluorescent and halogen lamps actually help in breaking down and decompose a product thus affecting its colour, taste, freshness and more. In addition, placing too much heat on produce or meat, especially meat, can help foster the growth of bacteria and germs. Meat and produce lamps help minimize these problems by lessening the amount of energy transformed into heat.


These bulbs are used in areas where it is critical to preserve the good condition of produce and meat. These light bulbs are mostly used in the supermarket's meat and produce section as they not only slow down the decomposition process, but also make meats redder and more appealing to buyers; the same is also true for fruits and vegetables. These bulbs are also used in many flower shops mainly because of how the light enhances the natural colours of the flowers and leaves. The bulbs make it possible for flowers, meats and produce to last longer than usual due to its decay slowing properties. Farms also use these bulbs for similar purposes.

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