There are several lamp recycling equipments available on the market. There are small lamp or bulb eaters which crush the lamp, segregate the metal parts and filter the mercury vapor. These bulb crushers as they are called are only small and can only handle small-scale lamp crushing. For the industrial-sized lamp recycling system there is the Model LSS1, which comes with a computer control. The Model LSS1 is up to eleven feet high and thirty feet long. It has a capacity of recycling thousands of lamps in a single hour. The cheaper yet smaller models are only able to process a minimal amount of lamps in a given time.

What really sets the Model LSS1 from other products of its kind is its simplicity or ease of use. The computer console is easy and convenient to use. The Model LSS1 is also very safe and strictly adheres to the environmental standards. No mercury vapor escapes during the lamp recycling process. Another major advantage of the Model LSS1 is its cost. It is not as expensive as other brands but works just as well if not better.

How Model LSS1 Works

The bulbs or lamps are fed into the system where the glass is crushed. The metal parts are segregated. A special filter will collect the mercury vapor as the glass is broken. The phosphor powder will also be filtered and will be screened for presence of mercury. The powder will be heated. After it has been stripped of its mercury content, the phosphor powder will then be collected and stored separately for recycling. Similarly, the crushed glass will be screened for presence of mercury. It will also be heated and the mercury vapor will be collected. During this whole glass crushing process, the Model LSS1 will not release any mercury vapor into the environment. There are special filters that will prevent any emissions from escaping.

The Model LSS1 has a simple to use computer console that allows it to be fully operational with a touch of a button. The computer has a monitoring system that will inform the user if the containers are already full.

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