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Why Disposal of Fluorescent Bulbs and Ballasts Is A Must

The environment is currently very polluted. The pollution is causing major health problems. People are already becoming more and more aware of the effects of improper waste disposal in the environment.

One of the most pressing concerns is the waste disposal of fluorescent bulbs, ballasts and other mercury-containing light products. Studies have shown that mercury from light bulbs are making its way from the landfill to bodies of water like creeks, lakes and rivers. The mercury then finds its way to the open sea where marine animals ingest the mercury. Since humans eat fish and other marine animals, the humans also ingest the high levels of mercury found in those food sources. Mercury poisoning affects several systems in the body from the central nervous system, reproductive system and the excretory system.

Government agencies around the world are already instituting strict guidelines to ensure that fluorescent lamps and ballasts no longer find their way to the landfills.

Recycling Centers for Fluorescent Lamps and Ballasts

In first world countries, there are already several recycling centers that process and recycle lamps and ballasts exclusively. These centers have special equipment that can collect the mercury located in the lamps and ballasts. What’s more even the metal components like the caps and filaments are also recycled.

Several private establishments are offering lamp disposal collection services. For example, the very store that sells the lamps and ballasts, can have drop off sites, where consumers can just send their spent or used up lamps, bulbs or ballasts. There are private companies that collect and dispose of lamps for a fee.

To find more about the location of lamp and ballast recycling centers, one can browse through legitimate websites. These sites provide the location of these recycling centers as well as contact information.

What World Governments Are Doing

Governments around the globe are slowly instituting strict recycling laws. In fact, some governments especially in first world countries are already instituting fines for companies or businesses that do not properly dispose of their lamps, bulbs and ballasts. The fines are so expensive that it would really motivate business owners to find ways of properly disposing of their lamps and ballasts.

For businesses, large companies and even individuals to participate, stricter laws may need to be written and must be really enforced. Our environment needs the concerted effort of ordinary citizens and business owners for recycling to really make a huge impact in reducing the incidence of mercury contamination.

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