Heat Bulbs

Light Bulb Types


Heat bulbs are incandescent bulbs that are used for the purpose of generating heat. These bulbs can come in many sizes, wattages and voltages.

Manner of Operation

Heat bulbs operate in the same way as regular incandescent bulbs except for the fact that they produce significantly more infrared radiation. The radiation, in turn, produces more heat and allows the bulb to become more potent in providing warmth than regular bulbs. There are primarily two kinds of heat bulbs; these are red bulbs and clear/frosted bulbs. These bulbs generally function almost the same with regards to producing heat, however, the red lamp is designed to provide heat while producing less visible light which makes it ideal for areas and situations where darkness and heat need to be maintained.


Obviously, heat bulbs are ideally used in applications where heat is of extreme importance, such as in food service, animal enclosures, paint and chemical drying, and even bathrooms! These bulbs are perfect if you want to incubate eggs or keep food warm. However, heat bulbs operate on significantly higher temperatures compared to regular incandescent bulbs, which means that they should only be installed in places and fixtures that are made to withstand heat in order to avoid fires. It's imperative that consumers read product warnings first before installing the light bulb.

Some heat bulbs are coated with a temperature resistant layer for safety purposes. Most of these coated bulbs produce a trace of gas from the coating when exposed to high temperatures; the gas generated due to the heated coating is sometimes fatal to birds. If you're looking to install this kind of bulb, always heed the product warnings to make sure that the lamp or bulb is safe to use around living birds and other animals if that is the intended purpose.

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