Decor Nostalgia

Light Bulb Types


Dcor nostalgia lamps are made to effectively replicate the look and style of antique lighting pieces, or to be used decoratively. Like most bulbs, they can come in many different sizes, wattages, base types and voltages. They are widely known for their amazing aesthetics than have the ability to further enhance your home's theme and look.

Manner of Operation

When it comes to functionality, dcor nostalgia lamps are just like any other incandescent lamp out there. The only thing that sets them apart is how wonderful their designs are. One category of dcor nostalgia light that stands out from the rest is called the thread spun lamp. Thread spun lamps sport a decorative thread typically made from silicone, which is then spun around the bulb's glass enclosure. The reason why the thread is spun on the glass enclosure is to diffuse light as well as to showcase its shape.

Another category of dcor nostalgia is the antique lamp. These lamps only mimic the style and look of antique lamps with their ornate filaments and smoky glass.


Although dcor nostalgia bulbs aren't known to be the most efficient light bulbs in the market, they are the most ideal bulbs you can use if you want to amplify the aesthetics of a certain area. The simple action of installing these lamps can help a room exude elegance to those who visit it. Most people prefer using the antique styled dcor nostalgia lamps as they are very elegant while not being too elegant. The beautiful carvings and intricate details justify its status as a crowd favourite. Thread spun lamps on the other hand are more preferred on rooms that people want certain moods for. The light diffusing aspects make it great for candlelight dinners and such.

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