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Bayer AG is committed to LIQUIDLEDS

In the picture can you see more than 1,712 delivered to Bayer AG LIQUIDLEDS to illuminate what may be one of the signs the world's largest lighting, the Bayer Cross Leverkusen.

Bayer AG is committed to LIQUIDLEDS

The Incredible German giant logo, measures 51 meters in diameter and is located 120 meters for over 40 years, and as it was about time, its owners decided to renovate its brightness by replacing incandescent bulbs banned and contaminants with new facilities maintained the same brightness and splendor, but were friendly to the environment and in turn reduce the energy cost of such a structure.

After a long and exhaustive series of tests and calibrations, LIQUIDLEDS prevailed over all other competitors in the market, and since August 2009, are the new bulbs in the Bayer Cross Leverkusen. 

The tremendous cost savings through low power consumption, extreme longevity, as well as their adaptation to the external features were decisive for the use of LIQUIDLEDS. Also the visual aspect has been thoroughly tested by experts from Bayer. The light color of the form LIQUIDLEDS "warm white" color differs little light bulbs used previously.

Results: The experts at Bayer AG LIQUIDLEDS attest that is both visually and technically ideal for the replacement of the Cross of Bayer Leverkusen, as well as an exceptional commitment to improving our environmental future.