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Tips In Choosing The Right LED Bulb For You

Posted on 04/02/2012 by Arthur

Many folks have seen the good effects of using energy efficient bulbs in lighting their homes. In addition, the recent law change in the production of much greener power has made the promotion of saving mother earth possible.

Before, people have used incandescent lamps to power up houses, apartments and buildings. Now, more and more are turning to this environmentally-friendly and money-saving technology researched and developed by GE. This is called the LED.

There are several things to look into first, before buying LED bulbs.

First, consider efficiency. It is important to understand how energy efficient your LED is going to be. You can check it through the Lumens per Watt listed on the bulb. If you see a much higher rate, you will know that the brighter your bulb will shine.

Second is the Brightness. If you would like to have your space get really lit up, you can choose bulbs with higher ratings between 80 to a hundred Lumens per Watt.

Third is light distribution. This factor may impact how much light will be distributed to your room. Models without panels are perfect for those who want higher concentration of light.

The fourth aspect you might want to look into is the lifespan of the various LEDs offered in the market. You will delighted to know there are ones that could span up to ten years imagine the dollars you can save annually!

The second to the last factor is the warm up time. This is defined as the total time needed before your bulb will heat and light up. Normally LEDs take only a second to do so, while others may take up different seconds or minutes. Remember that there are different types of LEDs, so if you're the person who wants instant light, go for much faster ones.

The last factor is the price. Since there are a variety of manufacturers of LED, you will see that they have different prices. However typically the price of LED bulbs are higher than normal incandescent lamps. Although this is the case, LED bulbs will guarantee quality and savings over the long haul.

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