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Artist Creates Neon-ised Images with LED Lights

Posted on 22/09/2012 by Arthur

Artist Creates Neon-ised Images with LED Lights
Swedish artist Janne Parviainen, who styles himself as a ‘light painter,’ has named a name for himself with his surreal lighting topography pictures, which are created by using an LED light and long exposure photography techniques.

These are not scenes from a post-Apocalyptic science fiction flick. Rather, they are images conjured up by Swedish artist Janne Parviainen. The 31-year-old calls his art “Lighting Topography.”

The artist, from Helsinki, uses a technique where he traces patterns and shapes using light sources caught with a camera on a long exposure setting. "I have traced entire rooms with a single LED light with the exposure times ranging from 20 minutes to 37 minutes,” he says.

See the pictures yourself at [Yahoo News].


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