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About LiquidLEDs

LiquidLEDs Lighting Pty Limited is based in Sydney, Australia and was established in 2010. We specialise in the research and development of LED light bulbs and lighting systems for the replacement of incandescent light bulbs and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs).

Our headquarters is in Taiwan and we have been in the research and development as well as the manufacture of light bulbs for over 40 years. Since 2007, we have been in the research and manufacture of LED bulbs. The company’s prime goal is to integrate its innovations and designs in lighting into the lives of the public, providing them with reliable and affordable lighting alternatives to traditional systems.

LEDs the Answer

LiquidLEDs has taken into account the growing need for more environmental and economic friendly lighting products. As such, the company is turning towards the value and potential of LED technology to provide practical, reliable and affordable lighting solutions to everyone.

Our Technology

At the forefront of LiquidLEDs’ efforts to improve current lighting technologies and meet new standards for energy efficiency are its exclusive, patented LED light bulbs, which feature a unique LED filament. It’s an ingenious design inspired by the classic design of Edison’s light bulb, combined with 21st century LED lighting technology. The LED filament holds multiple diodes carefully arranged to generate a 360° beam of light.

Our use of the world’s only patented LED filament also allows us to give our LED light bulbs a classical incandescent look instead of the futuristic aesthetic designs LEDs are known for. This helps the transition from old light bulbs to newer, more energy efficient lighting systems.

Other Products

LiquidLEDs also distributes LED lighting systems from other manufacturers, such as AEON Lighting with their award-winning downlights, CREE, Philips, and more. We offer an extensive line-up of LED lighting products for both residential and commercial use, varying from LED replacements for 40-watt incandescent bulbs, to super bright LED systems for high intensity lighting applications.